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We're Bringing Billboards INSIDE

Branding Your Business
Has Never Been Easier

In-store technology attracts and entertains retail customers.

“Study finds that 76% of consumers entered a site because a digital sign was interesting; another 75% of consumers have told others about a store because they were impressed by the signage.”

-Digital Signage Today, March 2016.

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Prevent competitors from doing it, we limit the amount of Network Advertisers of certain categories on each location

They can't talk about you unless they see you.

Small businesses and franchisees draw most of their customers from a 5-10m radius of their locations. Stay Top of Mind and Relevant by creating Word of Mouth.


Promote your business in one, two or several of our Host Partner locations. Be exclusive or semi-exclusive in any Host Partner location.

Become a Host Partner

Get your own screen that promotes your own content at the same timeĀ playing your business in other non-competitive Host Partner locations.

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